How to recover deleted Camera Roll photos and videos

If you accidentally deleted or lost your Camera Roll (DCIM) photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad, you may still be able to use iExplorer to get them back.

iOS doesn’t have a trash/recycle bin for deleted files, but the photos and videos might be stored in an iTunes backup which you could use iExplorer to browse your backups and extract any photos. You can check for any recent iTunes backups by opening iTunes Preferences and view the list on the Devices tab. If you do see a recent backup that may contain the photos, you can open iExplorer, click on Explore iTunes Backups on the connect device screen, or if your device is connected, look for the Browse iTunes Backups section in the left panel. 

Backed up Camera Roll is located in Backup Explorer > CameraRollDomain/Media/DCIM folder. Just drag/drop any of the files to your computer or right-click and choose Export to Folder. Hold Control or Command to select more than one. 
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