iBrowse is now part of iExplorer

We recently discontinued iBrowse since you can still do ALL of the same things you did for free in iBrowse in iExplorer 3 for completely free too. 

iExplorer is more of an all-in-one app and offers a whole lot more features than iBrowse. In addition, iExplorer makes it a lot easier to transfer and backup most of your device data where you don't need to be an advanced user to do so. Some of our iBrowse FAQ's explain more about how iExplorer does a lot of the heavy lifting for you:


The file system access to any iPhone, iPad, and iPod or iTunes backup is still completely free in iExplorer 3, and it's entirely optional to upgrade to the full version if you'd like to gain access to even more features. You can view the article below to find out more information about what's free vs. paid in iExplorer 3:

​What are the limits of the iExplorer demo?

You can also find out more general information about iExplorer and all it has to offer on its product page: https://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/.
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