Transfer iPhone voicemails to computer

iExplorer makes it really easy to transfer your iPhone voicemails to your Mac or PC so that you can preserve them for safekeeping and/or share them with others. You'll find voicemails in the Backup section where you can view and preview any of them and Export Selected voicemails or Export All in a single transfer. 

iExplorer copies voicemails to your computer in their original AMR format which is a somewhat obscure file type that phone companies chose to use for voicemail recordings many years ago. iTunes can't import or play AMR files, so you'd need to download and use a free app such as the popular VLC media player in order to play your voicemail AMR files. Or, you could also just convert the file if you would prefer it in a more common format such as MP3 or M4A. We have a free program called Adapter that can do this for you which can convert almost any audio, image, or video file to whatever file format you need. You can download Adapter from its product page below:

Once you have Adapter installed, just add any file(s) to Adapter's queue via drag/drop or click on Browse and select the voicemail AMR file(s), then choose an Audio output filetype from the Output drop down menu at the bottom of the window and click on Convert. For more advanced controls such as the quality or bit rate of the output file(s), you can use the Advanced Output Settings panel on the right side (click on the gear in the lower right corner to expand it). 

Troubleshooting Tip:  If the entire Backup section is loading blank (not just voicemail) or giving an error, please look at this article: Why is my Backup data not loading?

NOTE: You do need to have visual voicemail enabled on your device in order to access them with iExplorer. If your other Backup data is loading and just Voicemail is blank, then please look at this article:  Why are my voicemails not loading?.

Looking for your outgoing greeting message instead?  That won’t be listed in the Voicemail section underneath Backup, but you can still access it by going to the Backup Explorer section slightly above the Voicemail section for that backup and navigate to HomeDomain/Library/Voicemail folder and look for a file named Greeting.amr. Once you find it, simply drag/drop it to your computer.

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