Can iExplorer delete photos or videos from an iPhone?

Yes and no. 

You've probably used a digital camera before and seen that your picture files usually end up in a folder called DCIM. Your iPhone stores the raw pictures that you capture in that same DCIM folder. You can locate this folder in iExplorer by navigating to Media, then DCIM. Your raw picture files will be in located in Apple100 subdirectories there. 

Here's the catch: Sure, iExplorer can easily allow you to delete a raw photo file from your DCIM directory, but your iPhone keeps track of these pictures using thumbnails and databases located in other directories. Manually deleting pictures from the DCIM directory without editing these databases or cleaning up the thumbnails will free up disk space, but you'll likely still see the thumbnails still appearing in your device's Photos app.

On the other hand, if you would like to delete all photos or videos on your iPhone or iPad, you can certainly still do that with iExplorer by following the steps in the article below:

How to delete all photos from an iPhone or iPad
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