How to register iExplorer on a PC or Mac.

iExplorer will always download as a free demo to your Mac or Windows PC with some of its features limited or disabled. To upgrade to the full version, you can purchase an iExplorer license which will give you a unique 25 digit registration code that can be used to unlock all its features. 

To register iExplorer, simply download and install the free demo and click on the Register button on the welcome screen or if you've already chosen to Continue with Demo, you'll see a green box at the top of the iExplorer demo window that says Register Now. Just click on it and copy/paste your registration code into the field for the code. Another option is to click on the Purchase menu and choose the enter key option. 

If you receive any errors about your code being invalid or needing more characters, please first make sure that you are using the correct app and that you are entering your registration code and not your Order ID. An Order ID will always begin with MPLNT and is just for billing purposes and totally separate from your registration code. Also verify that you did in fact purchase iExplorer and not some other app. Then, if you didn't copy/paste the code, please lookout for mistaking a letter or number for something different since some characters can look very similar such as a 5 and an S, or a 2 and Z, or an 8 and B, etc. If it still won't accept your registration code after verifying all of this, please try closing iExplorer, reopen it and try to copy/paste your code again.

If you are using iExplorer 4 and get an invalid error when trying to enter your 25 digit registration code, please see our article for Why is my registration code Invalid? It won't unlock the full version of iExplorer.

A Note About iExplorer Registration Codes
An iExplorer registration code will never contain any zeroes or the letter O, and the i’s are intentionally displayed in lowercase so that they aren't mistaken for ones or lowercase L’s. The i's will automatically convert to uppercase when entering or pasting your code into iExplorer's registration field.

For our multi-license packs such as Universal, Family Pack, and all Enterprise licenses, you'll just receive a single registration code, but that code will be good for the number of licenses you purchased and will unlock the number of computers and devices described in the license terms. 


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