Is Sharepod safe to use?

Yes. Sharepod is 100% safe to use with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. All of our software is completely free of any viruses, malware or spyware and will never harm your computer or devices in any way. Sharepod and our iExplorer app simply use the iTunes interface to connect with your iDevice is as safe as using iTunes. 

For all transfers, Sharepod is only copying the files which means the original tracks will remain on your iPhone, iPad or iPod after the transfer, just like they were before, so you never need to worry about Sharepod affecting the files on your device. Sharepod also doesn't compress or convert the files since they are literally copied to your Mac or PC in their original format and size. 

Also, for direct iTunes transfers, Sharepod will only add tracks to your library, so the tracks already in iTunes won't ever be removed or replaced, and with its duplicate detection system, Sharepod will only import tracks that are on your device but not in iTunes yet. 
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