Mount your iPhone or iPad as an external drive

iExplorer can turn your iPhone, iPod, or iPad into an external hard drive and allow you to mount any of its directories into Windows Explorer or Finder where you can transfer files and make changes like any other USB drive. Here's how: 
  1. Right-click a directory in iExplorer and choose Mount as Disk.
  2. A confirmation window will come up asking whether you'd like to mount this folder automatically whenever you connect your iPhone or just this one time.
  3. Make your selection, and Windows Explorer or Finder will come up with that directory mounted as an external drive in the left panel.

This will connect your iPhone or iPad files to the native file system of your computer and make it available in the Open/Save dialogs of desktop apps.  

iExplorer also has many other useful mounting features to choose from in its preferences on the Disk Mounting tab. You can configure iExplorer to mount any iPhone, iPod, or iPad with that same directory automatically when connected and also have iExplorer open in the background on login. You can also view and/or remove any saved automatic mount points there on that tab. Just right-click and choose to Remove, or on a Mac, you can select one and click on Command-Delete. 
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