What do the 4 icons represent?

Here is a breakdown of what the icons mean in the 4 corners of Dupe Away 3:
  • Music Note - Duplicate tracks in your iTunes Library.
  • Exclamation Point (!) - Tracks with "missing files" are ones listed in iTunes that can't be played because the media file needed for playback is missing from your iTunes directory and/or computer. These are essentially dead tracks.
  • Stack of Paper with Music Note - Duplicate track references in your iTunes Playlists. Deleting these will not remove the tracks from your library. 
  • Dotted Line Music Note - "Abandoned tracks" are music files in the Music directory on your computer that aren't a part of your iTunes Library. These may be songs you never knew you had or duplicates that are just needlessly taking up space on your computer.

If an icon is highlighted in green, it indicates that Dupe Away found something for that type during the scan (duplicates, missing files, or abandoned tracks). You can hover your cursor over any highlighted icon to find out more information such as how many were found. Then, just click on one to proceed to the final step for each. 
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