How do I combine all vCards into a single vCard on my PC?

​When iExplorer exports your contacts to a Windows PC, it transfers each one of your contacts as a single vCard file which is a universal file format for contacts. If you'd like to combine all of your contacts into a single vCard to make it easier to import into Outlook or another address book application, here's how to combine multiple vCards into a single vCard file in Windows:
  1. Go to the top of your C:\ drive and create a folder named "contacts".
  2. Copy all of your vCards into this new folder. 
  3. Open up the Run app by searching for "run". 
  4. In the Run app, type "CMD" which will open the command prompt. 
  5. Type exactly "cd c:\contacts" and hit Enter (don't forget the space after cd).
  6. Then, type in "copy *.vcf allcontacts.vcf" and hit Enter.
  7. Look inside that contacts folder for the new allcontacts.vcf which will contain all of your contacts inside that single vCard file.

(Note: you can create that folder on your Desktop or any directory if you want, but be sure to enter the full file path in step 5. For your Desktop, it would be C:\users\\Desktop.)

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