I can't export to PDF due to an error.

If you receive an error while export your Messages to PDF on a Windows PC that says "An error has occurred while trying to export the following file...", please make sure you are using the newest version of iExplorer which is on major version 4 where Settings are accessed by clicking a gear icon in the upper right rather than using a classic menu bar.

If you still receive the error in the most current version, try closing iExplorer and reopening and then go straight to the Messages section and try exporting just a single text message with that error to PDF. We’ve found that by closing and reopening iExplorer immediately before and after each PDF export, it fixes that error. If you have a lot of text messages with this error, you could try exporting all instead by clicking Export All "Export all conversations as PDF files...".

If this is a really long conversation or one with a lot of image attachments (which it usually is for this error), you also have the option to export the conversation in 2-3 date segments by adjusting the date range for the conversation and exporting each date range to PDF. Above a conversation view, you’ll see a beginning and end date for the conversation. You could first try picking a date somewhere in the middle and try setting the end date to it for just the first half of the conversation. Then, once the first half is in view, you can export it to PDF after selecting all the bubbles. To do this, just select any of the text bubbles and then press Control-A to select all bubbles in that date range and click on the Export Selected button above the conversation on the right and choose PDF.

If the first half of the conversation date range works, then you can adjust the date range for the conversation again in iExplorer and export the 2nd, more recent half. If you still got the same error for the first half, please try a smaller date range and try again. You should definitely be able to ultimately get all of your text messages exported to PDF without breaking it into more than 3 or so date range batches.

Then, if you need to combine the PDFs into one after the transfer, we also offer a free online PDF editor web app that can combine PDFs at https://dochub.com. You can create a DocHub account with your Google or Dropbox credentials or create one with any email and password.

If this error is happening in iExplorer 4 after trying everything above, please submit a support ticket and let us know if you are able to export these same text message(s) as TXT or CSV files and that the error still happened when Split was set to Small, and whether you tried the multiple date range segments option.


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  • I have a long conversation I Want to export to a PDF, but I receive this error “ systemoutofmemeryexeption “
    I tryid to selekt a date, but the export take all dates

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