"No iTunes environment found" error when opening Dupe Away Mac

If you recently installed or updated iTunes to version 12.2 or later, this is most likely due to a new iTunes setting for whether to "Share" your iTunes library file with other applications on your computer, and in order for Dupe Away to work with your library, it needs to be able to access your iTunes Music Library.XML file. When this error happens, Dupe Away will usually indicate that all of your iTunes library tracks are Abandoned files. 

Please follow the steps below to fix this error and link up your iTunes library with Dupe Away:
  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Open iTunes Preferences by clicking on iTunes menu > Preferences (or press command-comma).
  3. Click on the Advanced tab of iTunes Preferences (far right).
  4. Check the box to "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications". 
  5. Close iTunes Preferences and try using Dupe Away again.
If Dupe Away is still giving that error on launch, please submit a support ticket and let us know whether your iTunes library is not stored in its default location and whether it's on an external drive.
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