The Backup section isn't showing my most recent data. How do I update it?

If the Backup section is only displaying your older text messages, voicemail, and other data and appears to stop at a certain date and show nothing beyond that date, but your iPhone or iPad is showing more current information, you can simply update the backup in iExplorer which will load the newer data into the iExplorer window. 

If it's been over 24 hours since the last backup, iExplorer will ask whether you'd like to create a new backup (click on 'Back Up Now' or 'Update Backup' to confirm creating a new iTunes backup), or whether you'd like to load the most recent backup that is already stored on your computer (click on 'Load Backup Data' or 'Use Latest Backup' or 'Dismiss' to have iExplorer just load the older backup). If it's been less 24 hours since the last backup, you won't be prompted to update the backup in iExplorer, but you can create a new backup manually by right-clicking on Backup in the left panel and choose to 'Back Up Now' on a Mac or 'Refresh' on a PC. 

Before updating the backup and making a new one, we highly recommend making sure that you've already used the Export buttons for each of the datatype sections within the Backup section to make copies of that data into a folder on your computer especially if you've deleted any of the data from your iPhone or iPad. Otherwise, you could lose some of that data that's showing in iExplorer since iExplorer's Backup section is just displaying the data that's inside an iTunes backup, and iTunes will only keep a single backup for an iPhone or iPad and overwrite the old one when making a new one unless you've upgraded iOS versions or Archived the backup (a Mac only feature). For more information on this, see the article How to keep a safe backup with iExplorer.

The Backup section will load all of the data on your device at the time of the backup, so if your most current text messages, voicemail, or other Backup data is not appearing after choosing to make a new backup (i.e. clicking 'Update Backup' or 'Back Up Now' or 'Refresh'), iTunes might be unable to make a new backup, so if this happens, you should try creating a backup directly in iTunes. To do this, you should first close iExplorer and then open iTunes and click on iTunes File menu Devices Back Up. Then, once the backup is finished, reopen iExplorer and check the Backup sections again which should now show your most current information.

UNABLE TO BACKUP DIRECTLY IN ITUNES (an error message appears)
If you receive any errors while backing up directly in iTunes, please look at the Apple article below for steps to resolve it:

If the backup in iTunes completed successfully without any backup errors, and your most current Backup data still doesn’t appear in iExplorer after entirely closing and reopening it, please submit a support ticket by clicking on Email Us on the right side of this page and let us know if any of your other Backup information looks current such as notes, voicemail, or contacts. 
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