How to recover deleted iPhone or iPad data

If you've lost any files on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch due to accidentally deleting them, you might be able to recover them with iExplorer, but since iOS doesn't have a trash/recycle bin of any kind, the only only way to recover it would be if the data is still stored in an iTunes backup which you could use iExplorer to browse your backups and recover the data.

You can check for any recent iTunes backups by opening iTunes Preferences and view the list on the Devices tab. If you do see a recent backup that may contain the deleted files, you can open iExplorer and click on the Browse iTunes Backups button on the screen asking you to connect a device, or if your device is already connected, look for the Browse iTunes Backups section in the left panel. 

Some of the most commonly used data will each have a section of its own such as Messages, Voicemail, Notes, Contacts, Calendars, etc., but if you are looking for data that doesn't have its own section, then you'll want to go into the Backup Explorer section instead which is the raw folders and files inside an iTunes backup. Feel free to contact our support team for help in finding out the specific file paths for what you need. Then, you can view a list of everything that iTunes backs up in the AppleCare article below:

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