Is it possible to transfer music to my iPhone, iPad or iPod?

No. Sharepod 4 is only designed to transfer music and other iTunes media from your device to computer and doesn't have the restrictions that iTunes has when it comes to importing music. All of the sections in Sharepod are read-only which you means you won't be able to copy anything to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Once the music is on your computer, you'll then need to use iTunes to transfer it to your device(s). If you don't like syncing with iTunes, you might consider enabling the option to "Manually manage music and videos" which will allow you to simply drag and drop any tracks to your device without syncing:

What makes Sharepod 4 unique and different from iTunes is that it can transfer absolutely any of your music and other iTunes media to your computer from any iPhone, iPad or iPod while iTunes only lets you import tracks purchased from the iTunes Store. Sharepod can also import your playlists  and information about your favorite tracks (the play counts and star ratings for each one). 
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