My device is locked with a passcode. Can I still use iExplorer?

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is locked with a passcode that you don't know or are unable to enter since the screen is broken or you don't have Touch ID, this article explains whether or not you'll still be able to use iExplorer with that device. 

If you have iOS 7 or later, which most people do on their iOS devices, you will generally need to unlock the iPhone or iPad by entering the passcode on its screen or by using Touch ID or simply use a computer that you've used before where the iPhone or iPad has connected and been "trusted" to use. Apple increased security starting in iOS 7 where you must "Trust" a PC or Mac before it can connect in iTunes, and iExplorer won't be able to connect with a device unless it's showing as connected in iTunes. If you can't enter or don't know the iOS lock screen passcode or can't use Touch ID, iExplorer will only work with that device if you've Trusted that computer already and as long as it hasn't been disabled due to too many invalid password attempts. If iTunes is giving an error about how the device is locked with a passcode and prompts you to enter it and/or Trust the computer and then continue or try again, then you must enter the passcode on your device or use Touch ID, unlock it and Trust the computer before iTunes or iExplorer will recognize it.

In iOS 8 or later, Apple increased security even more to where even if a computer has been "trusted" before, you still need to unlock the device in order to access and transfer the photos and videos. It's the same deal for accessing the Camera Roll from the lock screen of your device when using the Camera on the lock screen. You'll only be able to access photos or videos in your Camera Roll that have been taken while the iPhone or iPad has been locked. So, you must both "Trust" the computer and unlock the device or otherwise the photos will be grayed out in iExplorer and can't be transferred. Please see the article below for more information:

Why are some of my photo & video files grayed out? 

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is disabled and says "connect to iTunes", the only option Apple gives you is to restore it from a backup or to factory settings. iExplorer uses the iTunes interface to connect with a device, so you need to have a successful connection in iTunes first. If your device has been disabled due to too many invalid password attempts, this Apple article explains what to do:

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