Backup section is stuck on "Updating backup data" message

It shouldn't take longer than about 5-20 minutes for a new backup to be created in iExplorer's Backup section, but it all depends on how much data is on your iPhone or iPad. An iTunes backup is being created at that moment.


If iExplorer seems stuck on the message Updating backup data. Please do not disconnect your device... for longer than about 30 minutes, it would indicate there is likely an issue with iTunes creating a backup for your iPhone or iPad, and you should try the following: 

  1. Close iExplorer.
  2. Open iTunes and select your device to open its Summary tab.
  3. If your device is configured to backup to iCloud, change it to "This computer".
  4. Click Apply in the lower right. 
  5. Reopen iExplorer and create a new backup (right-click on Backup in the left panel and choose to Refresh or Back Up Now).

If iExplorer still seems stuck on the message about "Updating backup data" or if it was already set to backup to This Computer, try creating a new backup within in iTunes:

  1. Close iExplorer.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Click iTunes File menu > Devices > Back Up.
  4. Once the backup is finished, reopen iExplorer, and your Backup data should now load immediately. 

If you receive any errors while backing up directly in iTunes, please look at the Apple article below for steps to resolve it:

If your Backup still isn't completing or loading, did you possibly install iTunes from the Windows Store? You can tell by opening iTunes and click on Help menu and if you don't see an option for Check for Updates, it means you did download iTunes from the Windows Store, and you should be able to fix this by downloading iTunes directly from Apple's website at the link below and reinstall it. 

If you did see Check for Updates in the Help menu of iTunes, click it and install any available updates from Apple and then check for your device in both iTunes and iExplorer after the update is finished. If you still have an issue after installing updates, try uninstalling iTunes in your PC Settings or Control Panel and reinstall iTunes using the link above.

If none of the above helps, try closing and reopening iExplorer and verify that iTunes does show a new backup in iTunes Preferences > Devices tab. Then, if you've verified that, please submit a support ticket and let us know if iTunes was able to create a new backup successfully without error and include any screenshots of the Devices tab & your device's Summary tab in iTunes and any of iExplorer. 





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