iExplorer 4 for Windows is crashing on launch & will not stay open.

If iExplorer 4 immediately closes as soon as you open it up and won't get past the initial splash screen, the steps in this article should help resolve the issue. 

Please first try uninstalling iExplorer 4 in your PC Settings or Control Panel Uninstall a Program, and and then reinstall iExplorer from the link below. This is different from installing over an existing installation. Be sure to uninstall iExplorer 4 before you attempt to reinstall it.

If you still can't launch iExplorer after uninstalling and reinstalling, please try running iExplorer as an administrator. Simply right-click the app from the shortcut on your Desktop and choose "Run as administrator" from the context menu. Or, if it's pinned to your taskbar, make sure it's closed, hold down Shift and right-click on the app, and select "Run as administrator" from the context menu.  

If iExplorer still won't launch, try restarting your computer and launching iExplorer again. 

If you get an error or a line in the install log for iExplorer about the component Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 not being installed, please try downloading and installing it from Microsoft's link below. .Net Framework 4.6.2 is required to install and run iExplorer 4 PC as well as most newer Windows apps.

Then, once .Net Framework is installed, restart your computer and try running iExplorer 4 again. 

If you still can't launch iExplorer after all the steps above, the issue is most likely due to another app blocking iExplorer from opening such as an antivirus falsely flagging iExplorer or a firewall blocking its check for updates, and I would recommend looking in your System Tray in the lower right corner for any antivirus or other PC security apps that are running and might be preventing iExplorer from staying open. If you do find one running, please try completely closing it and reopen iExplorer. If that works, and if you want to use iExplorer without disabling your security app(s), you'll need to find a way to make an exception within that app for iExplorer to stay open and not be blocked, and in some cases, it requires releasing iExplorer from "quarantine" or opening a general web port. You may need to contact the maker of the security app to find out the best way to do this and how it works.

If the issue still happens while your PC security apps are disabled or reconfigured, please submit a support ticket and let us know the exact text of any error messages and whether you are the Administrator on this PC or if it's a computer that is administered by your work or school, etc. 

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