What do the different symbols mean next to my tracks in Media Library?

The Media Library section will put a symbol to the left of each track which indicates its status in regards to being transferred to iTunes. Here is what each of the icons mean:


  • Blue circled plus signs = the track is not in iTunes yet.
  • Green circled checkmarks = the track already exists in iTunes.
  • Red X’s = the track failed to transfer.
  • Blue folder icons with arrow = the track is currently being transferred.
  • Question marks (?) = If this is showing next to all of your tracks, that means iExplorer can't find your iTunes library database file usually is due to your library not being stored in its default location, so please open iExplorer Preferences and make sure the field for iTunes Library Location matches where your "iTunes Music Library.XML" file is stored. By default, it's in your Music\iTunes folder. If you have iTunes 12.2, please go into iTunes Preferences > Advanced tab and check the box to "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications". 
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