I can't update iExplorer to the newest version

We are currently investigating an issue where Check for Updates... in iExplorer isn't working correctly for some OS versions. If you are unable to update iExplorer to the most current version when using Check for Updates, you can simply just download and reinstall iExplorer from one of the direct download links below. Just be sure to download the major version of iExplorer that you purchased, and you'll need to use iExplorer 4 if you have iOS 10 or later on your device or have a Mac with macOS Sierra 10.12, High Sierra 10.13, Mojave 10.14, or Catalina 10.15 installed on it.

Download iExplorer 4 for Windows

Download iExplorer 4 for Mac
(Choose to Replace iExplorer.app when prompted)

Or, if you'd like to just keep using iExplorer 3 and don't need iOS 10-13 support, you can download the older major versions to your Mac or PC on our Downloads page. Just click on 'Download details and other versions' in the lower left corner of the iExplorer section to expand more download links. Just note that iExplorer 3 only supports iOS 1-9, so if your device has iOS 10 or later, you would need to download and use iExplorer 4 instead which requires a new registration code since it's an all new major version of the software and considered a new product. See this article for more information:

Why is my registration code Invalid? It won't unlock the full version of iExplorer 4

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