Sharepod is crashing before media loads or no tracks or playlists load or iTunes transfers fail.

If you recently installed iTunes for the first time on your Windows PC, and Sharepod is behaving like one of the 3 things listed below, it is most likely due to a new setting in iTunes 12.2:
  • Crashing while matching device items to iTunes,
  • Your device shows in the upper left corner of Sharepod, but no tracks or playlists load.
  • All direct transfers to iTunes fail without any error message. 
First, you'll want to try updating the newest version by clicking on the gear icon and choose Check for Updates. Then, if the issue is still happening in the most current version, please try these steps:
  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Open iTunes Preferences. To do this on a PC, click on the menu in the upper left corner of the iTunes window and select Preferences... (or press control-comma). On a Mac, click on iTunes menu > Preferences (or press command-comma).
  3. Click on the Advanced tab of iTunes Preferences (far right).
  4. Check the box to "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications". 
  5. Close iTunes Preferences and try using Sharepod again.

If Sharepod is still crashing or having one of those other issues, please reopen Sharepod and try once more. Then, if none of that help, please submit a new support ticket by clicking on Email Us on the right side of the page. 
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