My device isn't appearing in Sharepod even though it's plugged in.

If Sharepod is asking you to connect your device after it's already connected to your computer with its USB cable, first make sure that you have iTunes open and that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is appearing in iTunes. If it is showing in iTunes but not in Sharepod, you should just need to unplug and reconnect your device.  If that doesn't help, try closing and reopening Sharepod. 

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, be sure to tap on "Trust this computer" on your device when plugging it into your Mac or PC.

If you have a regular iPod such as a Classic, Nano, or Shuffle, it's recommended to check the box to "Enable Disk Use" in iTunes on the Summary tab for it and click on Apply. That setting will help your iPod stay connected in Sharepod and iTunes. 

​Sharepod uses the iTunes interface to connect with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, so if your device is appearing in iTunes without any errors, it should also appear in Sharepod. 

If you are using a Windows PC and are getting an error about "Unable to start the iPhone listener process", please click HERE for how to fix it. 

If Sharepod is crashing on you as it's trying to load your media and match device items to iTunes, please see this article:

Sharepod is crashing before media loads

If the above steps didn't help, please try the ones below:

1.) Close Sharepod and iTunes.
2.) Unplug your device from your computer.
3.) Reopen Sharepod 1st and then iTunes 2nd and plug your device back in. 
4.) Wait for your device to appear as connected in iTunes.
5.) Check for it in Sharepod. 

If your iPhone, iPod, or iPad isn't even showing up in iTunes, you'll need to figure that out first since an iDevice should be appearing in iTunes when it's plugged in with its USB cable. I would first just try restarting your computer. If a restart doesn't help, you'll find some useful troubleshooting steps in the AppleCare articles below. Just click on one to be taken to the article:

iPod Classic, Nano, Shuffle, and any other regular iPod
Mac: iPod not recognized in iTunes and Mac desktop

PC: iPod not recognized in My Computer and in iTunes for Windows
iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch:
Mac: iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X
PC: iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

Once you get your device to appear in iTunes, you should then see it connected in Sharepod too unless iTunes is showing an error about your device such as "unable to start the iPhone listener process".

Additional Support Information:

Need more assistance? Here are some related support articles below. Even though some of them are for our iExplorer app, the exact same things apply to Sharepod:

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